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ONEDESIGN: Redefining Creative Collaboration Across the Globe with Remote Work

Creator working from their choice of place
ONEDESIGN Creators working from across the globe

In the realm of design, innovation knows no bounds, and creativity has no geographical limitations. ONEDESIGN, a trailblazing branding agency, is a shining testament to this philosophy. This vibrant agency operates as a fully remote entity, with a dynamic and diverse team of creatives scattered across the globe, coming together to redefine the design and branding world. Here's an insider's peek into how ONEDESIGN operates, where distance is no match for determination.

The Rise of the Remote Workplace

In the age of digital nomads and ever-advancing technology, ONEDESIGN decided to break free from the conventional office paradigm. The agency's journey into remote work was not just about allowing people to work from home; it was about fostering a global network of creative minds.

Global Collaboration, Creative Freedom

At ONEDESIGN, the world is their office. With team members spanning the continents, the agency has successfully harnessed the power of a global workforce. Their collaborative ecosystem is built upon a foundation of trust, allowing creative minds to express their brilliance without constraints.

It's a place where a designer from Tokyo can seamlessly share ideas with a copywriter from New York, and a brand strategist from London can join forces with a graphic artist from Sydney. The result? A symphony of creativity that knows no borders. Read how we created Koraput Coffee. That's exactly what had happened.

Platforms That Keep the Wheels Turning

The digital age has not only unleashed remote work possibilities but also given rise to a multitude of platforms designed to facilitate seamless collaboration. At ONEDESIGN, a carefully curated selection of tools empowers their global team to stay connected and work efficiently.

  • Slack: The virtual watercooler where team members gather to chat, share ideas, and create a sense of togetherness.

  • Trello: The digital whiteboard that keeps projects organized and on track, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Zoom: The conference room for virtual meetings and brainstorms, bringing everyone face-to-face, regardless of their physical location.

  • Asana: The task manager that ensures deadlines are met and creativity flows unhindered.

  • Google Workspace: The digital office that stores everything from collaborative documents to spreadsheets, making real-time editing a breeze.

The Fuel: Passion and Freedom

What's the secret sauce that keeps ONEDESIGN's global team motivated and productive? Passion and freedom. Each member works not because they have to, but because they want to. The freedom to operate from the comfort of their chosen workspace liberates creativity.

The agency doesn't bind their creatives with the rigid 9-to-5 structure. Rather, they allow their team to harness their creativity when inspiration strikes, whether that's at sunrise or the quiet hours of the night. This approach cultivates a genuine love for the work, and it's palpable in the results.

ONEDESIGN Creator taking a snap of the meeting room while having coffee
Meetings keep us alive

Creativity Knows No Boundaries

With ONEDESIGN, creativity knows no boundaries. The agency thrives on diversity – not just in the team's geographical locations, but also in the diversity of ideas and perspectives that each team member brings. It's a testament to the fact that, in the digital age, the world can be your workplace, and innovation can flourish without constraints.


ONEDESIGN is not just a branding agency; it's a symbol of what can be achieved when a diverse group of creatives collaborates across the globe. Their fully remote, passion-driven model, combined with the powerful collaboration tools of the digital age, is rewriting the rulebook on how we work and create. In their world, inspiration knows no borders, and design has no limits. It's a creative journey that is truly without bounds.

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