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Creating a non-biased, non-toxic male skincare brand that responds and represents every common man.
Taking a smart idea from Singapore and launching it to the world
Bringing forward the stories of the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, celebrated by people, close to him.
Bringing the culture and culinary perfection of South India to mainland Bhubaneswar
Creating a beautiful and sharp homemade tiramisu brand that is made to express the personality
Building the elite showcase for the connoisseurs of luxury at the Bhubaneswar Stallion Club
Building a playful brand system for a children's online education platform
Bhubaneswar's newest Rooftop Restobar by Prangan goes LIVE!
Re-branding a locally famous company for larger outreach.
Visualising the future of mobile vehicular showcase for Mercedes Benz autoshow kiosks
A turnout for the new age medicines in form of Sesen Healthcare.
Home-made products with a touch of nature
Odisha's tribal produce positioned perfect for the people of India
Reconnecting with Nature 
with Organic Products that Love Your Skin
Projects which we have undertaken under Odisha Government for various organizations
Upgrading to a better CX for Delhi based app-dev company Adsnurl
Visualising the outlay and building the brand identity of an institution
Reshaping Balasore's very own Homoeopathic Brand
Hitting Refresh on the most ranked App Development Company in India
Bringing Odisha's coffee capital to the forefront with the finest brand journey Odisha has ever seen
Social media creatives for the show biz.
Bhubaneswar's first Neapolitan Pizza Place
An app for one and all coz it's your one stop solution for tips.
Revisiting how Science takes over the youth
Bringing amazing food closer to you
Urbanizing the scholastic aspect of rural India
It's time for a show and our designs know very well how to catch the eye.
It's a beautiful decor that contributes the most to dining experience.
The best among the masses to inspire the best in you
How we helped EUME become the most sold traveller backpack in all of India

we have been behind some of the most successful names in the industry.

We are a super-charged jet engine for acceleration and business growth.

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