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Become a part of our remote workforce and accelerate your career.

Step 01

Enroll in our Agency Class 101 program for global remote creators. Take a test for the profile that you are interested in. To enroll click here.

Step 02

Take the Agency Class Test post the program completion. The results will be compiled and emailed back to you with the offer letter attached.

Step 03

Voila! If you score more than 80% in the test, you're in. Seriously, that's all you have to do. You then continue to the onboarding process.

Why choose onedesign

We can provide you a bunch of reasons why you would want to be a part of our awesome global family, but let's cut it short. Here's three.

Flexible Locations

Our truly remote workforce lets you travel, move to places and also be a part of another company while working with us. Seriously!

Flexible Pay

We don't do salaries. You pay as you move ahead with us through projects. And guess what, you get paid even before you start the job.

Global Team

You don't just work with people from around. You will be a part of a new team with every project and with people from around the globe.

design led innovation

We have innovated what changes the course of how agencies function around the world. Behold and say "Hi" to the World's first Agency Led Remote Working Platform - The Onedesign App.

the greatest global community


people working together over projects from 150 different countries.


projects from various industries averaging around per month.


client retention across all service offerings, administered by our global team.

Open Positions

The following are all the positions we are hiring in for our Global Remote Team. Check if you fit in.

Legal & Compliance

- Accounts Manager (Finance)

- Legal Supervisor (Statutory & GST)

In-House Team

- Performance Marketer (Remote)

- Marketing Specialist (Remote)

- UI Designer (Delhi)

Remote Team (Jan 2022)

- Brand Strategist (Not Open Yet)

- Brand Designer (Not Open Yet)

- Communications Designer (Remote)

- Agency Sales & Accounts (Remote)

- Marketing Strategist (Not Open Yet)

- Content Copywriter (Not Open Yet)

Agency Class 101 Program

Getting into an agency does take up more than just any regular degree. We are offering you a course that will train you to work efficiently in an agency or to build your own, just in case. The training will conclude with a test in which the best 20% performers will be hired in onedesign on the same day. Registrations starting on December 10th.

Brand Consultancy & CX Design Studio

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Netaji Subash Place, Pitampura,

New Delhi- 110034,




Onedesign, 3015,

Al Moosa Tower 2,

Sheikh Zayed Road,

Dubai, UAE

At Onedesign we believe that there are no limits to what a brand can do by working on itself while also working for its customers. With the right direction, anybody can change the world, one design at a time 

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