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STRATEZY is our flagship DIY Startup Strategy Course designed to empower Businesses and Entrepreneurs with our Proven Framework so they can shield themselves and Never Fail, ever.

Our objective is to help entrepreneurs build, start and scale with ease. We will be your guide showing you the right road that connects your brand, your offering and your customers and in that pursuit, your dream. Here are some of the questions that you will find answers to by the end of the programme.

Is the product/service you're offering, right for the market?

When should you launch, how should you launch and where should you launch?

Should you pivot to a single offering or diversify and when?

Will your customers accept you over others?

How much should you spend on Marketing?

Have you actually created a product/service/brand that people care about?

Is your business creating an impact? How should you justify?

How big of a team do you need and how should you hire?

Should you expand and when?

and countless more...

Find answers to the questions that really matter.

STRATEZY is born of ONEDESIGN's time-tested and fail safe Brand Strategy Model that is purposefully built to help early stage startups and businesses build and grow without failing. Our model has repeatedly proven itself over many successful brands we have built. Our only objective is to reduce the number of failures in the ecosystem by helping them focus on what is right and when it's right and we take our entire guarantee with it. 

Our STRATEZY Programme will make you travel your business's true charted course. Hop in to the next batch and make things right.

Interested in conducting a workshop?

Our exclusive strategy workshops also take shape in the form of a book that is available now. Written by our Founder, this book encompasses the entire step-by-step journey from generating an idea to getting ready for your investment.

1. Building the Core

The most important thing to do is to make your core offering right. Be it your product or service, we will help you model and package well so that it is relevant to your core consumer and there's a value attached with it. 

2. Business & Brand Strategy

We will help you build your Brand & Business Strategies where we will identify customers, build relations, define & strengthen processes, and also automate them. It will be mostly like you be our passenger princess where we drive and show you the road that you'll travel daily.

3. Pre-Launch Processes

We will help you build your launch plan effectively so that your brand reaches the right audience at the right time with the right plan of action. Our GTM strategy will help you keep all ends closed so that you don't miss out on making the impact.

4. Post-Launch Processes

Once you have launched your brand, we will help you keep up the hype, internally and externally so that everyone is motivated to work, sell to and buy from and your business runs in it's stable pace right from the start.

5. Leadership & Expansion

Once you're in that stage, we will help you become a leader in your space with proper expansions, acquisitions and process flows. We will also help you keep up with the power play and keep your audience and competitors amazed always.

Our Startup Strategy helps you see decades in the future with a well established roadmap. Here's all that we cover:

ONEDESIGN's proven framework has shielded more than 200 businesses with systems that has helped them scale into easy, automated systems. 


Business Owners say that they have achieved complete autonomy in their business operations.


Business Owners have increased sales, lesser downtimes, better products and happiness index.


of all Businesses have less than 1 day of zero revenue in a year since our framework is implemented.

The strategies put forward by the team have helped us navigate our way through the tough market. It wouldn't have been possible without their constant feedbacks on our plan and distinct approach to our industry.

Rajat Arora


It's quite simple that design now is available everywhere but what goes in that design, why something is somewhere is really important and that is exactly what ONEDESIGN team excells in. Their thought process helped us launch with perfection.

Avi Agarwal

Indus Roots



Sahil Pradhan

Strategist - Marketing & E-Commerce

Satya Subham Rout

Strategist - Business & Brand

Ayush Lenka

Strategist - Sales & Business Process


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