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Onedesign grew with a dream of creating The Largest Design Studio in Odisha and India. Based in Bhubaneswar, this journey started in 2017 with an aim of curating world class designs and consultancy to small and big clients alike. We prefer quality over quantity to make adjoining industries look decent and sell better, hence we price according to every client, dynamically.


Our efficient and diverse team spread across the length and breadth of the country caters to clients from seven countries 24X7. We take pride in being the only company in India who is able to cater to high profile and small-scale businesses alike.

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Tools we use

Static, UI, Print

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

Sketch & Figma

Motion & Video

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro

Cinema 4D & Blender


Adobe InDesign


Microsoft Office

Google Tools

3D & Realism

Adobe Dimensions

AutoCAD & Revit


Custom Mockups

How we do it


Prepping up stats for the common man - Ideation

Behind every design, there are a lot of ideas that eventually collate together. Prepping up facts that convince the common man, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

1. Brand Ideation

We help build the foundations of a brand - the name, the idea, the story, the values and the tone of the brand by focused research and strict competitor analysis.

2. Service Planning

We help make the experience of a person going through the marketing funnel as interactive as possible with key features that incline towards higher brand advocacy.

3. User Persona Research

Not every person is the perfect customer and not every customer is perfect for the brand. We define exactly who is a brand’s customer and layout the plan to reach them.

4. Targetting, Positioning & Voice

Understanding how your brand reacts and interacts with the audience will help accelerate and manipulate the growth graph. We define this for you.


Putting the first foot forward, the initial foundation.

The cornerstone to a good designed product is the basics well chalked out. The first step forward is always vital and we make sure blueprints grow into reality.

1. Identity Design Service

Our brand identities are talk of the town. We have created some of the most iconic brands in the market that are thoughtful, built from scratch and built to rule. 

2. Brand Collaterals Design

Brand Collaterals are the most important aspect of a brand in regards to creating Customer Experience. They include everything from Menus to Placards to Badges

3. Packaging Design Service

Your packaging sells your product 70% of the time. Our modern packaging design approach makes sure it is like that everytime.

4. Retail & Spaces Design

Spaces are the most important feature of a brand. That’s where the customers interact with it the most and we make sure that it is aligned with the brand perfectly.


Touching every nerve, planning the great experience.

The best part of professionalism is the aesthetics. We play with the designs and make them a little more endearing for the eye. After all, what looks good often feels good.

1. Customer Experience Design

Customer experience si the key deciding factor that affects the user retention and thereby the revenue. We help plan a customer experience which is fluid & unmatched.

2. User Experience Strategy

User navigation through a particular touchpoint is very important as it helps in improving Customer Retention. Hence more fluidic and easy to use your service is, more the customers.

3. User Interface Design

UI is changing everyday and so keeping up with the trend and making a timeless piece is difficult. We will make sure you reach up to the extent and provide you a masterpiece

4. Content Planning & Dev

No Brand is complete without a proper content deck that has everything from amazing still shots to videos and visual elements that interacts with the audience.


Lifting the cover, taking it to the shore - Marketing

Let’s lift the cover off and take the product for a ride on the shore, for everyone to see.

1. Marketing Strategy Service

A full proof plan is never a bad idea. And when proper testing, phase by phase direction, used cases and behavorial psychology is added to it, it becomes unbeatable.

2. Digital Marketing Service

Reaching out to the crowd in their heads through their devices is no joke. Our years of experience paralleled with technical expertise helps your brand reach the inifinite level.

3. Social Media Management

Behold the modern king of marketing. Our Social Media Management not only helps you revive brand visibilty and repo but also drive sales and customer retention.

4. Campaign Design & Strategy

People remeber the jingles, the colours, the way they dance on the ads. We are the people who make them look that way. Let’s talk about your next big campaign.

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