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No Kidding!

A dedicated workforce consisting of some of the best creative minds in the industry, sipping black coffee and thinking about your startup. How cool does it sound?

Well, we just made it affordable!

We establish unicorn-level branding for the startups of tomorrow.


Why choose Onedesign for your next brand logo?

We're Cool

We understand the millennia. We know they need something striking, straightforward and quirky. Hence you won't get old uncle vibes from us or our work,

We know Balance

Our logos are balanced. They aren't stooping to one side or empty on the bottom. We kinda believe Thanos was right. Balanced things are really handy.

We love Designing

Not just selling you stuff, but back here, we're seriously lovers of great designs. We can identify them and build them. We think about them for hours. Well that's what we've been doing all these time.


We are all up for making your logo as small or big as you want it to be. The logos we build for you are scaleable and responsive. So go for it boy, make the logo bigger!

Focused Team

Our team is our biggest strength here. Our forte is Brand Building and the best way to make the brand hop to the top is to start with a beautiful logo that adds up meaning and clarity to its foundation.

Thought Leadership

We are driven by the measurable impacts of good designs in scaling any business. We envision a brand in the future and reverse engineer to understand the life cycle of a logo and its use-cases, making one that is scalable, usable, contemporary yet timeless! 

Grow Big with Onedesign!

With Onedesign, there are no more limits to what you can do. Start with a logo, think of a product, design a house or literally fly to mars. We design anything and everything; and now at a cost, that you can afford.

Logo Development Process

Our four-step logo development process is powered by a lot of brainstorming, moodboarding, ideation, and drawings. We work on the sketches first before jumping on to the canvas and the end results are simply breathtaking!


We research the target market to understand the used cases for the logo.


We ideate based on the research, understanding the typography, colors and scale.


We create concepts on paper, fuse, merge and tear apart briefs to create something unique.


We add in lines, colors, typography to finalise your logo artwork and have our "Eureka" moment.

We have made quite a name

in the Branding market


Logo-only awards in 03 years for clients in FnB, Hospitality & Healthcare.


Logos delivered in a span of 03 years to clients from India and abroad across multiple sectors.


Super talented in-house and remote-working logo designers in the team to work on your piece.

our recent logo projects

We love getting involved in new beginnings and we do that quite a lot. Below are some of our recent logo projects for clients across different sectors.

Pellet Drum Productions

Cafe Sundowner

Elverde Botanics

SUDS - Homemade Bathware

Sandy's Tower

Koraput Coffee, Odisha Govt.

Bolo App

Appinventiv Technologies

Happy Customers

What they're saying

Quotation mark

I am always thrilled with the quality onedesign has been providing over the years. They are the best!

Nickendra Manikandan

Quotation mark

My products became instantly recognizable because of the brand, onedesign has built for us.

Parth J. Sharma

Quotation mark

Onedesign's commitment to service and quality has never been compromised. It's still the best in the market.

Amitesh Gugnani

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