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Building the foundations of a brand and making it fully equipped with a timeless visual language for sustainability. 

Our Brand Strategy Service helps shield, protect and empower Early Stage Businesses and Entrepreneurs with our time-tested and proven framework so that they NEVER FAIL, ever!

Brand Strategy is simple. It's a well guided process that helps your business communicate with it's rightful audience in the best way possible so that they create transactions that are moral, physical, emotional, conversational and also financial, thereby creating an ecosystem where your stakeholders thrive and build from. Here are some of the topics we will solve for you:

How do I build a connection with my audience?

What should be my legacy and story?

What makes my business special and different?

Should I go communicate in-person, talk online, or not talk at all?

Are my customers really buying from me because they relate?

How do I create a brand that people will value?

Am I really creating an impact in the society?

I am selling well but my employees aren't happy. What's wrong?

Should I focus on selling only and nothing else?

and countless more...

Find answers to the questions that really matter.

Our brand strategy model has repeatedly proven itself over many successful brands we have built. Our only objective is to reduce the number of failures in the ecosystem by helping them focus on what is right and when it's right and we take the entire guarantee with it. 

ONEDESIGN's proven BRAND STRATEGY framework has shielded more than 100 businesses with systems that has helped them build memorable brands. It's the secret of our success. It has helped us create independent valuable brands that are now scaling higher than ever.

1. Identifying your Relevance

Every brand stands on the very basic questions. What? Why? How? Who? Where and Why? Let us define those for you. Identify your Purpose, Goals and the reason you should exist. We will help you find Relevance in the world of brands.

2. Understanding Stakeholders

It's not only about your customers. A brand is known by how things start from the origin of your product to the point of sale. We will help you identify all those stakeholders and build strong relations with them so that they value you.

3. Building a Connection

Every connection is built with a subject of importance that is communicated well. We will help you how to communicate, what to communicate and also how to communicate well. We will give you a voice that will be heard loud and clear.

4. Establishing Communities

Conversations need an audience. We will help you connect your stakeholders and your conversations on a platform that is your brand. We will create topics to flow in conversations, improve engagement and build relations within.

5. Creating Experiences

At the end, it's all about how someone feels special or connected with your brand. We will help you identify those hooks so that you can create experiences that position you differently in the market.

Our Brand Strategy service helps you see decades in the future with a roadmap. Here's all that we cover:


Business Owners say that their conversations have increased and people are interacting more.


Business Owners have experienced a higher happiness index internally.


Entrepreneurs find their purpose much more stronger than ever before.

Image by Startaê Team


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