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Playing it wild in the ever changing social media

Helping you go digital because that's where your audience is working right now.

Bringing your audience closer to your brand with social media marketing

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everything that we cover under Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing services that we work on

Social Channel Audit

We audit your current social profiles, if any, and give you feedback on how to implement changes and also execute them for you. 

Social Calendar

Building you a strategy that will drive your campaign over a strict period of time and making a calendar to follow the posting.

Communication Design

Building all social channel graphics that will help penetrate your audience base with ease.

Online Reputation  Management

Handling all your brand's social channels to make content delivery, audience engagement and reporting even.

Campaign Planning

Structuring and planning your campaign delivery across every touchpoint to optimise and make the reach wide.

Performance Marketing

Staging and optimising your ad spend to maximise reach and produce ROI for your service/product.

Grow Big with ONEDESIGN!

With ONEDESIGN, there are no more limits to what you can do. Start with a logo, think of a product, design a house or literally fly to mars. We design anything and everything; and now at a cost, that you can afford.

we have made quite a name in the Social Media market


Global brand retainers secured till today.


Designs sent out to the global space on channels


Successful campaigns administered in last 05 years

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I am always thrilled with the quality onedesign has been providing over the years. They are the best!

Nickendra Manikandan

Quotation mark

My products became instantly recognizable because of the brand, onedesign has built for us.

Parth J. Sharma

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Onedesign's commitment to service and quality has never been compromised. It's still the best in the market.

Amitesh Gugnani

Happy Stories

We are among Top 10 Branding Agencies Worldwide

We know winning isn’t everything. However, among the many awards we’ve received, we highlight the most prestigious and respected among international design communities: the Awwwards Agency of the Year trophy and the Dribbble 100K Club Member Award .

let's start your Social Media journey today



Brand Foundation Strategy, Brand Expressions, Packaging Design

Genio Smart

Genio Smart

Brand Identity Design, Collaterals & Brand UI Design, Product Design

Modi Story

Modi Story

UI/UX Design

Spicy South

Spicy South

Brand Expressions and Design System

Just Misu

Just Misu

Brand Identity Design, Collateral Design & Design System

Bhubaneswar Stallion Club

Bhubaneswar Stallion Club

Visual Branding & Collaterals Design

our latest developments for brands from around the world:

we are thrilled to see how our creators are shaping the dynamics of consumer economics of nations through brands and we take pride in being the architects of the same.



the whole world is an agency now

This has never happened before. 

We have innovated and created the World's first Remote Agency app which allows us to expand our horizons and work with infinite number of people at the same time. It's mind blowing!

How we can help your business soar?

The Answers You Need

That's a question that nobody can really answer. But our model allows us to work with a lot of people at the same time, allowing us to pick multiple projects in parallel. This means, we never fall short of bandwidth and never short of our creative genius. All you need to do is get in touch and the next moment, we're on.

How long does it take to create a brand?

Our team is really concentrated at the centre and infinitely expanding. Our strategists work inhouse and we have a pool of wonderful creative geniuses collaborating with us from all around the world, working contractually over projects that suits their forte.

How big is the team involved?

That is a sweet trick. Since we work with a lot of people contractually, we do pick up projects as small as a logo design or as big as a Digital transformation of a MNC. The fun fact is we have done both and you will find the case studies listed. So don't worry about the size of your project. You needs us, and we are there.

How small or big should my project be?

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