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Use 20+ Instagram Accounts Parallelly on any phone without any extra apps or expense. It's Free!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Whether you are a digital marketing agency or just an extremely innovative person trying to manage your multiple social media accounts all in one easy place without spending a lot, we have got just the right trick for you. This is undoubtedly the Agency Hack of the year 2020. Learn how to manage upto 25 accounts/clients at once on Instagram on one phone without even using any secondary app or emulators. Here's How:

Story until now

Instagram has always kept FIVE accounts on one phone as its maximum possible stack. Agencies & interested people wanting more than those five accounts either used to go for cloning apps like Dual Space available on Android Devices only or use Social Media schedulers like Buffer and meddle around with signing-in and signing-out. But it's a nightmare for people on Apple Devices as there are no efficient cloning apps on the Apple App Store and Buffer like apps become too gimmicky at times. In those case, the only option that people have is to use multiple phones - again a pricey affair.

Well, no more. The Quarantine have given us enough time to sought out a comfortable solution for all of you and no, it's not just a theory, we have done it ourselves.

Read the steps completely and thank us later.

Enters "Onedesign"

People at Onedesign have always been very busy around managing plenty of clients over Social Media and this issue, has left us all irritated. So, we thought to dive into Instagram and see if we can find a hack and we did! Here's how you can access this master control:

Steps to gain Master Control:

Step 01: Find the Button

Instagram has a new feature called " Multi Account Login" under the settings panel. You can access it in the "Login Information" or "Multi Account Login". Here’s where:

Step 01 : Find the Login Information Button

It essentially lets four of your accounts save their passwords under a fifth, or as we may say "last permissible", account. So you only need to remember the login information of the "Fifth" Primary Account and all of these other accounts stay sorted without drawing your repeated attention.

Step 02: The Camouflage

Instagram after putting four Children Accounts to the login key of one Parent Account, considers the entire set as one single account. That gives you opportunity to add four more sets like that. So according to Instagram, its just five accounts. But you know that each account is a Parent to four more accounts.

Step 03: Planning the Layout & Flow

It's not very easy to plan out which account should fall under which account to have a successful and seamless flow. The planning and neat organisation will make it a lot easier for you to manage.

One good process is to club the accounts that are in similar line of business or are in the same group of business. Here's a reference.

Step 04: The Backlash

Well, it definitely isn't a full proof plan but certainly worth a try. It did work for us and it should be working for you. Here are some of the technical glitches we found and how we tried fixing them:

  • Profile Picture Won't Update, so we updated them through facebook. Obviously they were all Business Accounts.

  • Occassional Bugs & crashes, All we needed to do was to clear the memory by closing the app starting it over.

  • Rare account syncing and Facebook-Twitter posting glitches, so we just used to close it and then it would work out just fine.


Here's a small video too just for your reference. We have added 10 accounts here and Instagram is still allowing us to add more accounts.

Lazy people bring out the best solutions. Well that's what we are in this never ending lockdown. Tell us if this worked for you and share your views on it. Also let us know how is your lockdown going on.

Blog by:

Satya Subham Rout

Partner, Onedesign

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