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How Storytelling Will Build Your Brand Online?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We have been there too. We too have struggled with content and now you will know how to write content that converts.

Why Storytelling?

Why storytelling, why not normal content?

You are dealing with people. They have emotions and they love stories. We are attracted to stories, drama and a lot of entertainment. That's why we love films, don't we? Let me tell how you show films, tell a story and make your ad printed in minds.

Define Your Value & Misson (why you started all this)

I have started all to be rich. This is not why people are interested, you need to show them a value which should be connecting them emotionally.

Make Human Connection ( you are dealing with humans, not machines)

If you talk about USP and Discounts you will create Customers, If you talk about value, mission and why is your product makes lives better then you create Advocates.

Case Study - The Man Company Ad Removing Stereotypes of a Gentleman

Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpA0J62LMB0

If this brand would have tried to sell their products directly to customers (telling their USP), I don't think they would have sold even one piece through the ad. This ad did an insane promotion of the brand.

Make something that will have organic shares and people will only share if they feel connected to it.

The Strategy Of Storytelling

You need to clear your mind and need to understand that " People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it ". It's a very noisy world and you need to tell people what exactly they need to know about you.

Apple never told you that they are better than Microsoft. (you automatically believed it)

Nike never told you that they are better than Reebok. (they honour great athletes)

These brands followed The Golden Circle.

Now Let's Talk About Business Storytelling!

So to create a story you need 4 things

1. Character (Your Buyer Persona)

2. Vison (Why are you doing it, what are the needs or problems faced by the buyer)

3. Recommendation (Empathize your buyers)

4. Solution ( How your product helps and how the character overcomes it)

Outline your buyer persona's problem. Tell them why your brand supports people like them and then tell them how your brand helps them in making their life easier or making the world a better place.

Push them down the funnel and remember to make them your advocate not customer.

Let's create a fu*kin story that converts!

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