Rise of a man, a family and a brand together

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A good logo is appreciated by people who have an artistic point of view. A good company is appreciated by people. A man is nothing but a product of acknowledgements by the society around it. This is the story of Eddun. The brand that was started by a single man whose dreams have ferried it a lot ahead.

Eddun deals with quality handicrafts that are made with extreme care and affection. Alongside this, it also caters to the ever-growing market of material for clothing by possessing handlooms that spin out only the best fabric.

There was nothing and then our designers pilfered through a bundle of ideas to find out the perfect logo for such a brand. Besides that, we also designed visiting cards and brochures for the company. Sometimes, it feels good to go back to the olden days and connect with tradition.

Challenge & Key Achievements

Eddun is a brand that speaks of a man's dreams and his relentless efforts to reach a certain place in the market that he always desired. We wanted Eddun to have a brand identity which reflected that story. We ensured that the brand identity expresses everything that the brand already stands for as well as everything that the brand holds the potential to transform into.

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