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Daan Sewa is an initiative brought to he public picture by Appinventiv and the team works every minute towards reaching out to the public so as to help the poor. It is always a real challenge when it comes to rendering services to the people in need because certain factors always obstruct the way.

The branding of the project was done by the design team onboard who made sure that the logo justifies the values and speaks for the company. The website was also up within a few days with a few inputs by its parent company. So far, they’ve done a tremendous job in raising money for various social issues or disaster relief.

The social media collaterals and designs for various campaign headlines all came of the OneDesign box. Daan Sewa makes sure that people who have enough money can always donate some to the people in distress.

Challenge & Key Achievements

Onedesign's contribution to Daan Sewa was ensuring that they are provided with a Brand Identity which does justice to what the brand aims to do and becomes a memorable symbol of all things pure; and that is exactly what we did with it. Onedesign happily provided social media collatertals and designs for various campaign headlines which created ample brand awareness.

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