An app for one and all coz it's your one stop solution for tips.

UI Design

We have modernized into humans who want to keep growing with every passing moment of their lives, in some way or the other. The process of learning and growing becomes easier when it is under the tutelage of some reputed expert in the specific field.

Bolo App is a Bengaluru based start-up that specializes in providing simple yet effective solutions for different domains. The UI of the app has been designed to give it a premium feel. Combined with a classy look, it has been segregated into multiple categories which make the app feel handier. For a small amount of money, you can easily talk face-to-face with an expert on board.

Not only just the app but also for the promotions, we designed a bundle-full of collaterals for the brand. The brand has everything onboard for their clients to benefit from with the experts having a solution for each one of your issues. Very much, the go-to-app ain’t it?

Challenge & Key Achievements

The UI design for an app that promises to provide solutions to problems of various domains, needed to be clean and distinct, that was a given but was that all it needed?

Onedesign not only designed accessible UI for Bolo but also gave the app a premium feel which appealed to the users. With careful use of colors and articulate segregation of the multiple categories the App offers, Onedesign ensured its flawless functioning.
With Onedesign's creative and fun collaterals in addition to the UI design, Bolo has become a noteworthy brand.

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