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ONEDESIGN has always cherished the startup culture and to empower founders to build more, we have been working on a framework strategy that has helped all our clients build disruptive brands. All these years we have used this strategy to help 100+ founders build what they always wanted and now, we are releasing it as a DIY Brand Strategy Course for everyone to learn and grow.



Our core foundational strategy is available for everyone in the format of a DIY strategy course.

Written by our founder, Satya Subham Rout, this book encompasses every element of our foundational strategy to bring along a holistic development of your brand starting from the point of absolute origin till the time you are scaling.


The story starts from the point where you hit your head and suddenly stumble upon a wild thought that you can’t stop thinking about. Yes, everything starts with an idea. And so does our journey with this book today. They say that a human is born with ideas in his/her head but what makes him/her successful is how well he/she executed that idea. Hence, we’re not going to talk about how and where an apple will fall on your head but rather how will you use that fall to discover your gravity. 

This book also accompanies a "Startup Strategy Workbook" that is paired to help you bring your thoughts to life. A lot of founders have found their path using this book.

We hope you will too.

Get your Copy Today

This is how the book is going to help you build the brand you always envisioned:

Time Tested & Proven Steps

There could be many ways of doing a startup and starting the journey. Over the years we have seen a pattern in which it fails and one that never does. Consider it as the 1 in 14 million possibilities that Dr. Strange had seen. The exact chronology of how things should be done.

Understanding of Landscape

If you Google something, you'll get more than what you are looking for and sometimes it gets overwhelming and you get lost in the process. The book only has as much information as will be required by you at that very moment.

Industry Agnostic Approach

If you think that this book will only be able to help you if you're into D2C or B2C then you're wrong. We have catered the topics to make sure it speaks to anybody and everybody regardless of what industry you are starting up in.

100% Brand Knowledge

We made sure that we only provide point to point topics. Hence this book is not a story line selling you a vast abstract. Rather, we have tried to make it very specific to the points that it runs through. It is precise, straight forward and brief.

Everything that you'll get in this book:


"I could know what's wrong in my setup..."

Founders will find potential issues with their setup after reading it as it will help them break down and assess the components of their startup.

"I never knew what to start with..."

Founders will find exact points to start with and build from. For existing owners, they will find a pivot and a new roadmap.

"I thought this is enough where I have reached..."

Founders will find expansion and collaboration opportunities and new ways to diversify their approach and build from there.

"We never thought we could multiply sales..."

Founders will find ways to multiply their sales rather than simply struggling to get through the month and steep in with it.


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