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How we work

Not the commoners


Creative Firms

Is a total desk Job - Same 9 to 5 a day.

Same place everyday restricts creativity.

Ton of work, same salary at the end.

Commitments, Contracts and what not.

Work under one crazy CD for whole life.

Full flexibility over choosing time of work.

Work from anywhere, we are cool.

Get paid according to the work you do.

Absolutely nothing; work as you may.

Choose your own CD or become one yourself.

The Process

As Simple as That

Well, not everybody gets in like that. You got to prove
your mettle and let us know why we should let you in.

Before filling the form, make sure to keep the following things handy: Your Aadhar Card, Your PAN Card (Optional), Your single-page resume (Drive Link), Your design portfolio (Drive Link) and a photo with a smile. Go grind it!


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We build Design Systems that Empower Businesses. Onedesign is India's Largest Cloud-based Independent Creative Agency.

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